Monday, 17 October 2016

Boris Johnson debate
Here it is – the great EU referendum debate featuring two of the finest debaters on opposite sides of the EU argument:

Boris Johnson vs Boris Johnson

Question Number 1.
How necessary or important is it that this referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU takes place? Over to you first, Mr Boris Johnson …
Boris Johnson debate 1
What do you have to say to that, Mr Johnson?
Boris Johnson debate 2
Strong words from Boris for his opponent Boris Johnson. Now for question Number 2.
What would happen if Britain left the EU. Mr Johnson?
Boris Johnson debate 3
And what do you think Mr Johnson?
Boris Johnson debate 4
So a huge disagreement between Boris and his opponent Boris. Question Number 3.
Some people claim it would be too difficult in practical terms for Britain to leave the EU. Mr Johnson, do you agree?
Boris Johnson debate 6
Mr Johnson? Do you agree with Mr Johnson?
Boris Johnson debate 5
Question Number 4 for Boris. Why do you think staying in the EU would be better for Britain’s businesses?
Boris Johnson debate 9
And Boris … why do you think leaving the EU would be better for Britain’s businesses?
Boris Johnson debate 10
So Boris with a clear difference of opinion with himself there. On to question number 5. What do you think about Turkey joining the EU?
Boris Johnson debate 12
Your retort to Mr Johnson, Mr Johnson?
Boris Johnson debate 13
OK, thank you both. Question number 6. What do you think of the TTIP trade deal between the EU and the US? Boris?
And Boris?
Boris Johnson debate 14
Here is the final question for both of you. Which historical person do you most identify with the ideals of the EU? Mr Johnson?
Boris Johnson debate 7
Mr Johnson?
Boris Johnson debate 8

Monday, 10 October 2016



Former Prime Minister, David Cameron, offered an EU referendum to see-off UKIP and to appease the Eurosceptic right-wing of his party.

Sadly, the result has been a coup, so fast and ingenious that people didn’t even see it coming. Many still can’t see it.
Theresa May has taken over the government of Britain without even a ballot or a bullet.

Theresa May, a lukewarm Remain campaigner during the EU Referendum, has now shown her true colours, pushing and planning for a hard-Brexit, with open relish and exuberance.

With what democratic mandate can Mrs May and her band of Brexiteers now take the country on such a permanent and far-reaching path? Theresa May isn’t claiming that the General Election of 2015 has given her a mandate to "change the country forever." No, Theresa May is claiming that the EU Referendum has given her the power to permanently change the country. A Referendum, with the most simplistic of questions, and with a most narrow margin.

No other instructions were given by the electorate. Nobody voted for what Leave means, or what type of Brexit would be acceptable.

She said in her keynote speech at the Tory Party annual conference last week that it was, “a revolution in which millions of our fellow citizens stood up and said they were not prepared to be ignored anymore.”
That hasn't stopped her from ignoring 16 million voters - very almost half of those who voted - who did not want Britain to leave the EU. They were barely even mentioned in her conference speeches.

Mrs May said this was, “A once-in-a-generation chance to change the direction of our nation for good. To step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be.”

But of course, she isn’t asking any of us “what kind of country we want to be.” She is telling us.

She went on to say:
“The referendum was not just a vote to withdraw from the EU.”
But, actually, it was. That’s all it was.
A vote to withdraw from the EU, by a slim majority, in a referendum that was only advisory.

No other questions were asked in the Referendum except ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’.

If Mrs May now wants the Referendum to mean more than just ‘Leave’ – as she is now claiming Why is she afraid to allow Parliament to debate and vote on Brexit, instead of our newly imposed political masters doing irreparable damage to our country in the same way that another leader did to his country?

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

It can't be true that politicians are wasting out money

It can't be true that politicians are wasting out money

Can it?