Monday, 31 March 2014

Why are Politicians frightened to give ex Pats the vote

Reality shows that the UK is not a full democracy. Universal Adult Suffrage is not respected and is even deliberately legislated against in the case of UK nationals living abroad. The UK political system is effectively an elected dictatorship in which almost unlimited power is given to the government to do whatever it wants without consulting the electorate between elections.

If you complain politicians will reply with the worn phrase, “If you don’t like what we are doing, vote us out at the next election” In the meanwhile, they do what they want, knowing full well that if you vote them out, they will have their turn, in all probability at the following election.
UKIP is now shaking up that principle. In France the mainstream political parties have been severely shaken up after the recent local elections by the Front National, and the British politicians of the established parties are beginning to worry.

The UK needs a system more like the Swiss Direct Democracy, where Manifesto promises must be honoured, and every major government policy introduced between elections must be approved by a majority of the electors before it can be implemented and where the electors can themselves propose policies that, if approved in a vote, must be implemented by the government. It is time that control of both policies and politicians was given back to the people.

David Cameron has legislated to ask ALL UK citizens whether to remain part of the EU” – but all expatriate citizens who left the UK more than 15 years ago are excluded from voting.

In the same way ALL Scots should be allowed to vote in such an important referendum for the very future of their country, and ALL non-UK citizens should be excluded from voting – currently non-Scottish and non UK citizens living in Scotland will be allowed to vote – in what way is it their business to determine Scottish independence?
In the United Kingdom, that is TOTALLY anti-democratic, when, in the 21st century, we have politicians denying 800,000 British Scottish citizens the opportunity for democratic expression on their own constitutional status. That smacks of discrimination and is wrong.
Politicians claim they want the British public electorate, to participate in political life, and yet deny in legislation, voting rights to its own citizens, simply because they have taken up their legal right to move elsewhere in the European Union.
Now in 2017, David Cameron has legislated to ask all UK citizens whether to remain part of the EU, and yet denies the vote to a large group of British Citizens, to whom it will have one of the biggest effects.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Is there any more proof that the Daily Mail are running scared of UKIP
Three articles published by the same writer on the same day.

Lazy Ukip MEPs are more interested in claiming their salaries than standing up for Britain, Nick Clegg claims

Lib Dem leader steps up his attack on Ukip ahead of Brussels elections
Accuses Ukip of not tabling any new legislation since 2009
Ukip opposed curbs on mobile phone roaming charges, Clegg says.
Nigel Farage accuses Deputy PM of being a 'hypocrite' for missed votes
Clegg and Farage to go head-to-head in radio and TV debates


Ukip given £25,000 by manufacturer of e-cigarettes which were later hailed as 'remarkable' by smoker Nigel Farage.

Ukip leader appeared in 90-second film attacking EU plans to ban devices
After puffing on screen he says he could 'very easily' give up smoking
He criticised plans to outlaw refillable e-cigarettes made by 'entrepreneurs'
Pillbox38 Ltd, which makes Totally Wicked refillable e-cigs, gave £25,000
Donation made to Ukip in May 2013, but bosses now say they regret it.


Businesses should be allowed to turn away women, gay and black people, claims Ukip councillor and MEP candidate

Donna Edmunds said firms should not be forced to serve or sell to anyone
Insisted she is a 'libertarian' and government should not legislate
She is a councillor in Lewes and standing to be an MEP in the South East
Nigel Farage said his candidates were of a 'calibre to be proud of'.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Important for ex pats to have the vote.

Researchers estimate that there are 5.5 million expat Britons, living abroad, so at a time when politicians are genuinely worried about voter apathy, why are they denying a large group of British Citizens the right to vote in National Elections. The reason is quite obvious. They can walk over them without compunction knowing that at the next election they will not be voted out of office.
We all know of the saga of Winter Fuel Payments and the fraudulent way the government in the form of Iain Duncan Smith are massaging statistics to stop payments to pensioners living in “Hot” countries. Another worrying attack on ex pats is contained in The Pensions Bill, a Government Bill sponsored by Mr Iain Duncan Smith MP. that has almost completed its stages in the House of Lords. It has numerous amendments which have to be debated back to the Commons.
 Expatriate Pensioners and Prisoners are covered under the same heading!  Clause 20 remains which would enable pensions to be frozen for British Citizens living in the EU, if the UK were to leave the EU. 
Objective - The establishment of a new basis for pensions.  Clause 20, enables the government to freeze pensions for all expats if the UK were to leave the EU and will most certainly now remain in place after its passage through the Lords.

This is why it is important for ex pats to have the vote.
Ex pats who have lived in the EU for less than 15 years still retain the right to vote but you must register. Please listen to the short radio advert concerning voter registration by clicking the link below.