Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Democracy in peril

Britain, as in many other parts of the world, democracy is in deep trouble — apparently incapable of delivering strong government

Labour, refuse to accept responsibility for bankrupting us when they were in power and cling to the lie that there was nothing wrong with the economy until the Coalition got its hands on it in 2010. Let us not forget the note left behind by the Socialists in the treasury, saying that there was no money left. Who was it that spent it all?

The Lib Dems’ who normally would never be considered to form a government, hold a role in the Coalition Government that they exaggerate beyond even their wildest dreams.
In an astonishing intervention, Justice Minister Lord McNally, a Liberal, said the legal protection given to Abu Qatada is a ‘part of what makes us a civilised society’.
He told BBC Radio Five’s Pienaar’s Politics show: ‘The fact is, in my mind, if the Human Rights Act occasionally comes in favour of somebody who is not very likeable in terms of what they have done or who they are... that to me is a reassurance.
Are the LIB-Dems aware of any public opinion. Thy are so out of touch with how the majority in this country feel.
The fact that we have a justice minister who holds these views just confirms my fears that we have a coalition made up of clowns.

Justice Minister Lord McNally - do you represent the people of Britain, or yourself and a bunch of posh, rich lawyers? NOBODY (apart from you and a few left wing liberals) wants this man anywhere near the UK. If you cannot serve the people, you should resign

In effect LibDems in coalition slow down and dilute Tory policies, led by Dave, supported by his other Etonian government members, and the result is, he will go down as one of the weakest leaders of all time.
Dave, and a complacent Downing Street still believe that come General Election day in 2015, the nation will reject the two Eds, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, and that Dave will remain Prime Minister because he is the only credible choice.

A recent poll in Italy when 26% of the population voted for a little know comedian, will put a lie to that. It is time that our politicians woke up to the fact that the people who put them there are fed up with being lied to for the sake of the "party" in advance of the interests of the Nation.
If the eccentric Boris Johnson currently held a Commons seat instead of the London mayoralty, Dave's party leadership would be in jeopardy. Standing on the doorstep is Nigel Lafarge and his UKIP party to muddy the waters. The one hope is that it will bring a semblance of honesty to British politics.

At the heart of many of the present financial problems is Europe.
Italy, mired in debt and structural problems, recently voted in a way that has frightened the European hierarchy, when 26% of the population voted for a comedian, who previously had never been involved in politics, and as a result has brought about paralysis in the Italian government. France has a socialist regime, who are in denial about the nation’s predicament. The Spanish government is engulfed in debt, and one of the highest unemployment rates in the whole of Europe. Greece is still an economic suicide case. Yet the politicians of Europe continue talking as though Europe was Utopia.

Dave's talk of a referendum is further frightening Europe, because they know that if it took place, it would result in a significant call for the UK to pull out of Europe. The population of the UK are so disillusioned with Europe that the margin would be beyond the normal controlling tactic of Europe, as seen in Ireland, with a call for a re vote until they got the 'correct' result.
The people of Europe are sick to their back teeth with lying politicians, who are so out of touch with the everyday difficulties of living, that civil unrest is inevitable.

Dave’s policy advisers, are undoubtedly clever, but seem not to inhabit the same planet as the rest of us. I have a leading political friend, who explained to me that every week he does the family shopping, despite the security risks, because during the weekly press session, he is invariably asked what was the cost of a leaf of bread, or a pint of milk, or half a dozen eggs. It would be seen as being out of touch with the population if he didn't readily know the answer.
It is time that Dave and his fellow Etonians did the same.

Politicians complain they do not receive sufficient respect from the Press or the public, but if they treat the population that they were elected to represent with contempt, can you be surprised.

The stench of the expenses scandal still wont go away in Westminster, and that has been followed by one scandal after the other. In Greek mythology, Augeas is best known for his stables, which housed the single greatest number of cattle in the country and had never been cleaned. This description seems to fit in very well with parliament.
Mitchell argued that he didn't use the word 'pleb' to a Downing Street policeman but readily admitted that he swore. So that was ok was it?
Huhn now readily admits lying about his speeding offence, "to save his career" So that was ok was it?
Now that the Huhne-Pryces have been banged up, attention turned to who knew what and when.
Vicky Pryce insists she told Miriam Clegg and Vince Cable and his wife Rachel that she had taken Huhne's speeding points.
All three of them deny any prior knowledge. Cable says he can find no reference to it in his personal papers or diary. What does that mean? Would any normal man have made a written note, and his denial is that he merely hasn't got a note of it.

Many MPs were caught out fiddling their expenses claims, but got out of jail by paying them back. Would the shoplifter who is caught stealing, be allowed to go free with an offer to pay for the goods once they were arrested. Of course not.

MPs are  terrified the media will discover further indiscretions and are now talking of using the hacking scandal to put a curb on the press from reporting matters that are in the public interest.

They are paid a salary of £65,000 — and think this inadequate and have an exaggerated sense of entitlement to enable them to support themselves decently, if not extravagantly. This is in addition to many of them who hold second well paid jobs in the legal profession and directorships. Few of them hold the belief that when they were elected they became paid servants of the taxpayer.

But they also want a 50 per cent increase in their £400-a-week housing allowance, to ensure that they can afford a decent residence within ‘a short walking distance of Westminster’, whilst the rest of us hear phrases such as "get on yer bike" to seek work

One of the things that has gone wrong with politics is that so many of our MPs have followed a career path from education to parliamentary researcher, to special adviser, to election as an MP without the slightest contact with real life.

Politicians are blind to how the rest of society sees their behaviour and demands, and the result is, they have never been so despised by the populace.

If only our politicians could work to the same rules as this European politician -

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