Sunday, 2 March 2014

Important for ex pats to have the vote.

Researchers estimate that there are 5.5 million expat Britons, living abroad, so at a time when politicians are genuinely worried about voter apathy, why are they denying a large group of British Citizens the right to vote in National Elections. The reason is quite obvious. They can walk over them without compunction knowing that at the next election they will not be voted out of office.
We all know of the saga of Winter Fuel Payments and the fraudulent way the government in the form of Iain Duncan Smith are massaging statistics to stop payments to pensioners living in “Hot” countries. Another worrying attack on ex pats is contained in The Pensions Bill, a Government Bill sponsored by Mr Iain Duncan Smith MP. that has almost completed its stages in the House of Lords. It has numerous amendments which have to be debated back to the Commons.
 Expatriate Pensioners and Prisoners are covered under the same heading!  Clause 20 remains which would enable pensions to be frozen for British Citizens living in the EU, if the UK were to leave the EU. 
Objective - The establishment of a new basis for pensions.  Clause 20, enables the government to freeze pensions for all expats if the UK were to leave the EU and will most certainly now remain in place after its passage through the Lords.

This is why it is important for ex pats to have the vote.
Ex pats who have lived in the EU for less than 15 years still retain the right to vote but you must register. Please listen to the short radio advert concerning voter registration by clicking the link below.

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