Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chloe Smith
Not all MPs are against ex pats having the right to vote. I have written many letters and I have had constructive help from Norman Baker, MP (liberal) who wrote to Mark Harper, MP., Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, and who has since been replaced by Chloe Smith. 
Chloe Smith is very much the new 'girl' on the block. She has been an MP for only three years, and on a vertical learning curve.
There is a growing group of people in Europe who are actively trying to change the anomaly of ex -pats being denied the vote. 
We have all had different contacts, and I understand that Geoffrey CLIFTON-BROWN, as Chairman of the Conservative International office he tabled an amendment to the Electorial Reform and Administration Bill in the House of Commons to abolish the 15 year rule for expatriate voters and argued for a change to allow electronic registration of voters, an end to the annual attestation, and finally to allow electronic voting online
He spoke constructively on these matters at the Conservative’s Abroad Conference on 11 October, and encouraged Lord Lexden to table amendments 25, 26, 27, 28 & 54 to the above bill which will be debated in the House of Lords after questions at 3pm on Wednesday 31st October. He has said he will be encouraging as many Peers as possible to come and support Lord Lexden.
There may be other MPs and Lords who are giving active support to this problem and I would wish to thank them and ask their forgiveness me for not mentioning them.

Unfortunately the over riding impression is that many other MPs are frightened that there might be some ex pats who would actually VOTE!

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