Thursday, 25 October 2012


We approach the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when we will remember our relatives who died that we may have liberty, and freedom of thought and speech, and yet some of our own politicians are in the process of fighting not to give us that freedom. Shame on them.
Recently there has been a campaign by ex pats to win back that democracy in the form of the right to vote for all. A leader in that campaign and an example to all is a 91 year old ex soldier – Harry Schindler. He fought in the battle of the Anzio beach-head in Northern Italy in 1944, and lives in Italy to this day. He alone, has mounted a case for Democracy before the European Court of Justice, whilst most of the rest of us have sat on our hands. Harry has the spirit of Churchill. The spirit that got us through that awful War, when our relatives waged a War   - to defend our democracy in the UK and help the return of Democracy in Europe.
Lord Lexden will introduce an amendment to the electoral Registration Bill to grant voting rights for life to all expatriate citizens. Please support him by simply writing a short e mail to any or all of the following Lords. They are only human and don’t bite.

Leader of the Labour Party in the Lords -- Baroness Royall  -

The Liberal Democrat leader Lord McNally -

Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay  -
Lord Wallace of Tankerness -
Lord Tyler -
Lord Norton of Louth -
Lord Jones -
Baroness Byford -
Lord Bates -
Lord Astor -
Lord Lothian -
Lord Rennard  -
Lord Patten -
Baroness Betty Boothroyd -
Lord Garel-Jones  -

Please urge the peers to support Lord Lexden on October 29th. when he tables an amendment to the Electoral Registration Bill to give the vote for Life to ALL Britons, even those of us who live abroad.
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