Sunday, 30 December 2012


At the moment we cannot envisage a time when the UK will be out of debt, or even making enough to stem the increase in debt.  We are not in this together, a lot of people have realised that, but the politicians have not.
Whilst the state of the economy, and lack of jobs remain the main problems facing our country, Cameron, with his homosexual marriage games, is basically happy to strangle middle classes, while indulging all manner of minority groups.
Ministers should be concentrating ALL their efforts on the economy and jobs, yet the all important topic of conversation as we end 2012 is gay marriage.
Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, has signalled that the Government might be prepared to use the Parliament Act to get its planned “equal marriage” legislation on to the statute book if it is rejected in the Lords.
The Act, which has been used only seven times in the past century, is sometimes described as the “nuclear” option of parliamentary process to break stalemates between the Commons and the Lords.
Theresa May at the Home Office is set to deliver a more accountable police service through elected commissioners. A policy that was not wanted, nor little known about by the populace, and will cost millions that we can ill afford. Her driven policies are how to wreck a police service that has served this country well.
Ian Duncan Smith is hell bent on reforming the Benefit system. There is little doubt in anyone’s minds that it is well overdue, but to force people off benefit at a time when there are no jobs to go to, is crazy.
Sitting alongside all this is the sheer time wasting of Clegg with his incompetent and juvenile ideas, that invariably result in a U turn. His insistence on a vote for AV, was a total waste of time and money, when it was widely seen as unwanted, and doomed to failure.
The Tory leadership has an apparent determination to alienate parts of their own party, arising in a growing popularity of UKIP.
Meanwhile Labour shows no sign of equipping itself with a set of coherent economic arguments that amount to a credible alternative.
It is a shame we don't have people running this country who have succeeded through industry, instead of professional politicians, who have moved directly from the classroom, and who have learnt to rule from books and their own theories.

Voter’s expectations of politicians and policymakers are lower than they have ever been. Local and central government structures have defrauded us with expeditious behaviour. Whilst our country falls more and more into debt, the Government continues to want to appear as philanthropists, and distribute our money all over the world, often to corrupt regimes, whilst basking in reflected glory.
The extra strain of immigration is also having a huge effect. The Socialists attempt to skew the voting of this country through immigration has brought this country to a position where I can visualise civil war in future years.
Successive governments have transferred UK power to a corrupt treaty organization without the proper consent of the people. An organisation that has failed to have its accounts signed off for several years, and who come back in times of austerity to ask for even more money.

Tory policy these days seems designed to alienate as many voters as possible. The Liberal Democrats, because of many inept ideas put forward by their leader, have slumped to such an extent that they are likely to disappear in the next election. UKIP has come into being only because the government has violated the people’s fundamental human right to equality and self determination. Meanwhile the Socialists, who have still not fully accepted their appalling mismanagement of the credit crisis whilst in power, are leading in the polls, which proves beyond doubt that peoples memories are very short when it comes to politics.
Our politicians have got to realise that they were elected to represent the British people, whose overriding concerns are with the economy and lack of jobs, and all else is merely a sideshow.

The economy will recover somehow, despite the efforts of the politicians, but in the meanwhile the people of UK live in fear of losing their jobs, and homes, a vision that is difficult to equate with the country that just showcased itself with the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics.

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