Friday, 11 January 2013

As for the "BUFOON"!

In a joint appearance at Downing Street earlier this week, David Cameron and Nick Clegg revealed that a new ‘Freedoms Bill’ would be among key priorities for the next two and a half years of coalition government. 

Apparently, Number 10 asked civil servants to produce a list of ideas that could be included in legislation to reduce state intrusion into everyday life. Some of the ideas that came up were ridiculous and were dismissed out of hand by ministers and their advisers. 

Lowering the age of consent for sexual intercourse from 16 was one of the proposals to emerge from the Number 10 policy unit, together with changes in the laws on public nudity.

Mr Cameron these sorts of stories are making the population mad. It's jobs and the economy that should be taking ALL your efforts, and if you have enough civil servants to waste their time in thinking about other things they should be made redundant.
As for the "BUFOON", what was he doing wasting his time hosting a radio show. Everyone knows that he is finished after the next election. Mr Clegg, jobs - jobs- jobs is your job. Not coming out with the most idiotic ideas that have put your party in fourth place.

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