Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kind regards – and good luck!

A letter which will haunt Labour up to the next election has finally been pictured for the first time in the British press
The infamous letter admitting there was ‘no money’ left after the 2010 election by the outgoing Treasury chief secretary Liam Byrne for his successor.
It states: ‘Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam.’

The letter, written on government note paper, was opened by Lib Dem David Laws who became Chief Secretary to the Treasury when the coalition was formed.
Mr Laws had assumed the envelope would offer advice on how to conduct himself in government, but was shocked by its contents.

Labour's Liam Byrne has said he will regret writing the letter for the rest of his life

The decision to publish the letter has seriously soured relations with the Labour party.
Labour MPs have apparently accused Mr Laws of behaving ‘like the class swot’ for releasing the letter.
It is incredible that Labour MPs should be demanding a cover up? Doesn't the public deserve to know, and its a stark reminder that Labour can't be trusted with the economy.
Earlier this month Mr Byrne, now Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, admitted ‘It was a very foolish thing to do, I suppose I did think there was a convention amongst honourable members that private correspondence would stay private. There's obviously a very old tradition of these notes that goes back to the 1930s. I felt disappointed that some very old conventions had been cast aside for political advantage.’
He was obviously expecting MPs to act honourably, but there's not much honour in any political party anymore.

Ed Balls, who behaves like a schoolboy in the House of Commons, has now said that he would not reverse the cuts if labour were in power. It seems to me that they are simply not to be trusted with the economy or the state of the country in general. I appreciate that the current leadership of the Conservatives may not be perfect, but they were left with very limited resources financially.

George Osborne should have a copy of that letter in his pocket, and every time Ed Balls starts rambling about this government’s mishandling of the economy, he should just wave the letter at him.

This country was becoming one of the wealthiest in the world we were a thriving, happy country and things were looking quite good until 1997, when New Labour formed a Government, under which we enjoyed a 'World Boom', de-regulated the Banks, invented a few million 'non jobs' by inflating the civil service, encouraged people to become dependent on Benefits whether IN or OUT of work, and finally allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants to come here in an attempt to skew the voting trends of this country. Just look at how miserable we all are now after the state New Labour left this country in, it speaks for itself surely!

And where are Messrs Brown & Blair now? Blair, a prime example of a champagne socialist, is occupied full time in increasing his wealth, and Brown, famous for his promises to end boom and bust, skulked off to Scotland, not having had sufficient time to make his pile.

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