Tuesday, 4 June 2013


The Shadow Chancellor used a speech on the economy to claim There is 'no evidence' that the last Labour government ran up too much debt, and the next Labour government would impose 'iron discipline' on spending.

ED BALLS IS NOTHING MORE THAN THE VILLAGE IDIOT. This man is not just in denial he is as mad as a hatter.

Bliar promised us that Boom and Bust was over?. Truth is that Balls is still living that dream. Liam Byrne left for his successor a note which said "There's no money left"

Thousands of families are suffering today because of the mess Labour got us into, debt being the major problem, and to suggest that if elected, Labour would do the same again is tantamount to lunacy

In a recent poll, it was estimated that 30% of the British population thought the economy would be safe in Labours hands. 30% of people who are oblivious to the debt they left the country. 30% of people who just can't grasp that our present problems are largely due to Labour!

Balls is clearly someone who accepts that his party will not win the next election. No one would be so stupid as to make the statements that he is making, and hope to get away with it.

Labour maxed out on the Nation's credit card and it's claims of  "End of boom and bust", "education, education, education" and "British jobs for British workers" has proved to be a pack of lies.

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