Sunday, 8 December 2013

Send them all back home': UKIP councillor and key Farage ally in astonishing racist video rant... then insists: 'I stand by every word'

 is the headline in the Mail on Sunday, presumably to create a problem for UKIP in the face of Tory voters vowing to switch their vote to UKIP

In a film made by her husband Rob, from whom she has since divorced, Mrs Ayling,  said: ‘We must basically repatriate those that shouldn’t be here. That’s not quite policy yet. Maybe I should soften it a bit.’ She then added: ‘OK. Send them back.’

She further talks about the need to control the numbers arriving in the UK and to repatriate "the illegals and failed asylum seekers".

We cannot sustain the numbers coming in; the strains on our infrastructure are enormous",

"Control should be done fairly and the points system like they have in Australia and all those coming here should be encouraged to speak English so they can integrate."

Mr Farage, the leader of UKIP, said: "I have met her two or three times and I have discussed policy at length before accepting her into the party.

"I had no reason to believe she held views that were extreme or inconsistent with ours. While this comment looks odd and unpleasant there may be a context here that is slightly different to the way it appears."
Mr Farage, I hope that you are not going down the same path as the other main stream parties. THERE IS AN IMMIGRATION PROBLEM IN THE UK, AND IT IS TIME FOR OUR POLITICIANS TO GRASP THIS NETTLE. Her remarks were not extreme and reflected the views of a large part of the population of the UK.

The film was made to promote her political career, which has stagnated since she became a high-profile recruit to UKIP when she confronted David Cameron during this year’s Tory conference and told him she was leaving the party.

The Daily Mail tactic has backfired for when you read the readers comments at the bottom of their article the overwhelming response has been to agree with her remarks.

One MP said he was ‘disgusted’ by the comments that had ‘no place in front line politics’, and that is why the UK is in the situation it is as far a immigration is concerned. Our politicians have been, for too long, frightened to grasp the nettle on immigration and if something is not done shortly, I predict that there will be mass civil disobedience in some parts of the UK.

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