Monday, 23 December 2013

Run by idiots?

Why is it that the UK seems to be run by idiots? Who are completely out of sync with the population that voted them into power.
In a bizarre attack on the public, Vince Cable suggested voters were ‘schizophrenic’ because they wanted curbs on migration despite enjoying holidays abroad.
Cable went far further, in BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show, when he accused the Conservatives of inflaming public fear, and behaving like Enoch Powell, who was sacked from the Tory frontbench in 1968 after warning that new arrivals would lead to social unrest. Well, Mr Cable, social unrest has already arrived. Did you not see last week when two young men were sent to prison for offences when they tried to impose Sharia law.

Cable said: ‘It was summarised for me in a debate I had on the doorstep recently. Somebody said they are so absolutely fed up with all of these immigrants coming into Britain, and that they’re going to go away and live in Spain.
Having sampled living in France, I can tell you Mr Cable that unless you have your own medical insurance you wouldn’t get past the receptionist to get medical treatment. In most European countries you have to prove your health cover, and means of payment before treatment.
Do you not understand that social migration for holidays, spreads wealth, whilst benefit migration takes wealth from a country.
The UK is a small island that is struggling socially and economically there has to be a limit on its population.
If Roumania and Bulgaria are such wonderful places why are these immigrants coming to the UK? Why are they passing several other European countries before settling on the UK. Could it be that the liberals amongst us are happy to give away what little wealth we still have.

Ministers have come under pressure for failing to draw up any estimates on how many more people might move to the UK to help schools, hospitals and the police to plan ahead.

Britain is required to lift temporary restrictions on the free movement of people from Romania and Bulgaria at the start of 2014. That is a all very well if they have a guaranteed job to come to, but to come on a wing and a prayer, and then camp in Hyde Park and saturate Oxford Street with Beggars is not acceptable

‘Romanians account for more than 11 per cent of all foreign offenders arrested in the UK, despite making up, at the moment, just a tiny proportion of residents.
Last year, Romanians accounted for almost half of all arrests for begging, and one third of all arrests for pickpocketing in the capital.

Labour MP Keith Vaz has criticised the government for failing to produce an estimate of how many more people would move to Britain

There have been repeated demands on the Government to give an estimate on the number of Roumanians and Bulgarians that are likely to come to the UK after the removal of restrictions on their movements on the 1st January. The lifting of restrictions in 2005 led to many more Polish migrants arriving at British ports than initial estimates by civil servants, and in fairness to the Government, it is difficult to estimate, and to what ends, when in EU law, the whole population of Bulgaria and Roumania would have the technical right to move to the UK.

In The Sunday Times, Mr Clegg said immigration was ‘the biggest dividing line in politics today’ and plans for a cap were ‘arbitrary, pointless and distracting’.
 ‘Sticking a big no-entry sign on the cliffs of Dover may be politically popular, but at a huge economic cost. What would happen if tonight every European living in the UK boarded a ship or plane and went home?
'Are we really that keen to see the back of German lawyers, Dutch accountants or Finnish engineers? Do we want the NHS to fall over and the City of London to grind to a halt?’
He forgot to mention Dutch MPs!, and his scenario is unthinkable, so why throw the argument into the mix. To use his own words, they are distracting.

The huge economic cost is in the schools and hospitals of the UK, that are being submerged to breaking point. If proof was needed go to the schools and hospitals in Peterborough and Boston. If you want to see saturation go to Southall, and Brixton in London. Go to Bradford and Rochdale
 In 2001, the biggest foreign community in Boston comprised 249 Germans. Census figures then showed Boston as having a population of 55,753, with 98.5% indicating they were white British. Ten years on, 10.6% of the town's 64,600-strong population comes from one of the "new" EU countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia or Romania

Dear Mr Cable, we are not complaining about all immigrants, if they want to work; have a job to go to; pay taxes and observe our ways; laws, then all are welcome.

The problem lies with migrants who come here deliberately to milk the social setup of our country with no intention of contributing to it, in other words the criminal element of Europe.

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