Sunday, 19 January 2014

Speak English or lose benefits: Cameron to stop payouts to immigrants who use taxpayer-funded translators



 Prime Minister intends to stop printing paperwork in foreign languages. 

Announcement of plans delayed after row between Coalition partners

The Prime Minister intends to stop printing welfare paperwork in foreign languages reads the headline, but what is the news in that. The language of the UK is English, and paperwork should be printed in ENGLISH.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, it has been shown that the Department for Work and Pensions used interpreters 271,695 times in the space of one year to assist foreign benefits claimants. Town halls such as Tower Hamlets in East London publish guides on how to claim benefits in foreign  languages, yet at the same time cut back on local services.

The vast majority of voters will think this idea is plain common sense. It is unreasonable to expect taxpayers to spend on printing a myriad of forms, in the various languages of the world.

The planned announcement however, has been delayed, according to reports because Clegg is not happy with it. What is it with this man that he is against all sensible proposals. Proposals that the vast majority of the population are in favour of. Apparently he is nervous of being portrayed as being too harsh on immigrants, and yet he is not nervous of annoying the majority of the UK population. It doesn’t make sense.

Labour’s Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons’ home affairs committee, also expressed reservations saying: ‘In principle, it is a good idea, but it could cost the taxpayer more because if people are refused benefit and have a genuine claim, they will sue the Government.’

Sue them for what? Using our own national language? But when you see some of the bizarre decisions that our Courts have been handing down you take a step back and think “Yes, I suppose it’s possible”

No wonder many UK citizens are saying the country has gone to the dogs!!!!!

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