Thursday, 14 August 2014


Yesterday I received a begging e mail from Iain Duncan Smith asking for a donation of £10 for the Conservative Party. I was flabbergasted, this coming from a man who is intent on ringing every last pound out of the people he is supposed to represent.  

I have been a Conservative supporter all my life, but I can tell you now, that they will never get my support, but nor will I support the other three “main line” parties. They are all, so far removed from the lives of ordinary people, that they all deserve a good shake up, and at the moment the only man who looks capable of doing that is Nigel Farage and the UKIP Party.

Unfortunately our politicians have proved themselves, as a group, to be the most untrustworthy and dishonourable group of people in our country, In fact I would go so far as to say that they have proved themselves to be liars and thieves, and so crooked they couldn’t lie in bed straight. 
A City financier was made a Tory peer on Friday after given the party more than £330,000 just weeks earlier. ‘This appointment further cements the impression that to get into the House of Lords, all you have to do is write a fat cheque to a political. 
A child abuse scandal is threatening to engulf the whole of the political heirachy, and is becoming more and more murky. It was announced recently, that mysteriously, papers that had previously been buried in the archives, relating to senior politicians involved in this scandal, have now disappeared.

In recent years MPs were almost collectively involved in the expenses scandal. They called it a scandal but in fact it was thievery. To use an analogy, can you imagine a shoplifter, who, having been caught, offers to pay for the stolen items, and then is released from custody. It wouldn’t happen. Yet our politicians were caught with their hands in the till, and only a handful managed to get themselves arrested. The rest were allowed to repay their fraudulent expenses. WHY?

Recently we were all asked to remember our dead soldiers from the first world war, and my thoughts were “is our country the place that our relatives died for” and the answer is NO it isn’t. 
Our politicians have let us down badly, and should be ashamed. The speed up of this decline has increased over the past 30 years, and my opinion is that we are ruled by a group of professional politicians, who have not seen a meaningful days work in their lives. They have no idea what everyday living is all about. Recently, Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds decided to quit, supposedly because he can't 'stretch' £120000 to live in the capital. The whole party wants to come down and smell the coffee.
Cameron is as far removed from normal life as it is possible to get. Coming from a privileged background, when did he ever do the family shop in Tesco. It would do him and us, the world of good if he was forced to live like the rest of us for a month, he would then have the insight into everyday living. 
When the Conservatives came to power they were already at a disadvantage, after the disaster that had been left by the sulking Brown, who had given the impression he knew what he was doing, but proved to be one of the biggest failures in modern day politics. Of course the “socialist” Blair before him, had only one thought in mind, and that has proved to be his biggest success, how to make his bank balance bigger. Despite the financial difficulty our country is in, Cameron still insists on borrowing to be able to give money to failing countries around the world, and would prefer to do that, than look after the interests of his own people who are in financial straights themselves. He has preferred to spend more time on giving “gays” marriage rights than sorting out a failing country.

Osborne, our part time Chancellor has, in fairness, reduced some of our debt, and managed to get the economy moving into positive territory, but at what cost to the ordinary man in the street. Families have been decimated and are poorer now than they were ten years ago. There is still no sign of any improvement in family circumstances after four years of Tory ruke, but I am sure there will be some cynical handouts next year, prior to the General Election.
May has totally destroyed the Police Force, and turned it into a quivering political jelly. The moral of the police Service is so low, that I am amazed that people want to start any sort of police career. She has proved to be inept at sorting out illegal immigrants and even more so at getting convicted illegals dismissed from our country. Dominic Grieve, one of the countries top law officers in the Conservative government, said yesterday that it would be a disaster if Britain walked out of the European human rights court. This is the very court that is binding the hands of our own judges to eject undesireable people from our shores. Many of whom have already entered illegally. What chance do we stand of getting our country back?
Where the police were always proud to say they were apolitical, they have now been dragged into politics by the introduction of Police Commissioners. This was not wanted by the majority of the people, but forced through at great expense.  Proof of its failure can be seen, when you look at the Crime Commissioner for Kent. A schoolteacher who has tried to introduce her policies, as if she was still talking to her young pupils in class. The infighting between the Commissioners for Norfolk and Suffolk has already cost untold waste of money. The list goes on.
Duncan Smith has proved to be one of the biggest bullies, politics has ever seen. Whilst most people are in agreement that the benefits system has got to be reformed, his manner in going about it has amounted to the behaviour of the classic bully. Putting in place the bedroom tax, knowing full well that there was not enough affordable housing for people to move to, resulting in them paying more tax, is almost like committing robbery.

He threw a tantrum, after being told by the EU Court that his refusal to pay the winter fuel allowance to pensioners, was illegal, simply because they had taken up the right to live elsewhere in Europe. He then huffed and puffed, and has come up with an idea to remove the winter fuel allowance to pensioners living abroad, by using spurious statistics. First he set the temperature in one town in the south west of England as the bench mark to receive the winter fuel payment. He then set his eyes on Portugal as a whole, and decided that it was too warm for pensioners to receive their payment. Next came Spain, and once again, forgetting that the north of Spain is as cold as anywhere in the UK, the temperature in the narrow southern strip of Coast, was used to boost the overall average temperature for the whole of the country. Then came France, and Oh shock, horror, the average temperature was lower, and so the pensioners living there would be eligible. ‘But how do we get around it’, he asked. Include the tropical territorial islands of Guadaloupe, Reunion, Tahiti. In that way the average temperature is now higher.  After came Italy, but whichever way Duncan Smith wriggled he couldn’t get over the fact, that because of the mountainous spine of Italy, the temperature is lower, and so pensioners would still receive their winter fuel payment. The only other EU countries coming within the scope of “hotter” being Greece, Malta, and Cyprus. And so we have another two tier system of benefits, good for some, but not for others.
Not content with hitting overseas pensioners in this way. The new debate, is to also remove their personal allowance on Tax. This is the tax free allowance that all taxpayers get, and could cause a loss of income of £4000 per year. This is still under discussion, but if implemented, could cause a mass return of OAPs living throughout Europe, putting even more strain on the UK infrastructure than at present. 
The question is how can a government get away with ideas like this, for a large group of its citizens? Well the answer is easy. DENY them the vote. In that way they can have no effect on any decisions made about them.
Deny them the vote? You may ask. Surely not! We live in a democracy, where everyone has a vote? But no, many millions of our own citizens are denied the vote, simply because they chose to live elsewhere in Europe. This is, at the same time as our troops are fighting and dying in Afghanistan to introduce democracy. Crazy isn’t it?

Gove, who is like Marmite, either loved or loathed. He has brought about so many changes to the education system that teachers spent more time reading the regulations than teaching. He then introduced one of the most hated and spiteful pieces of legislation, preventing parents taking their children away from school for a two week holiday, without getting fined. As the saying goes, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”. Why didn’t he at the same time introduce a penalty for teachers closing schools at a whim, for striking, or teacher meetings, or bad weather. We all know that the unions wouldn’t allow it.

Fox and Hammond, our erstwhile defence ministers have supervised the run down of our military to dangerous levels, sacking many experienced and valuable soldiers, sailors and airmen, some of whom had just come back from the front line. They then promptly spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on advertising for new recruits, whose pay would obviously be lower. It is unknown how many very senior officers litter the offices of the Ministry of Defence, but you can bet that with the old boys network in place they will be well protected.

You may well ask, “Are there any honest politicians”. Of course there are, but unfortunately they are in the minority, and invariably are sidetracked in order to cause less waves. In my lifetime I can single out one of the honest politicians who was ridiculed at the time, but who predicted so much that has come true and that is Enoch Powell.

I am hoping that Nigel Farage will have the same honesty, and that even though he is unlikely to form a government, he will cause a enough ripples in British politics, that politicians will start listening to the people they represent again. For that reason I will be encouraging as many of my friends and relatives to vote UKIP in next years elections.

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