Friday, 19 September 2014

OK!  Scotland votes to stay.
Does this mean anything to us?
The Scottish Referendum has gravely shaken the Westminster Politicians -  One Politician wrote yesterday from Westminster– “Have never known such uncertainty. There will be many headless chickens, no matter what the referendum result. Not only who should vote, but what we are voting for.”
A correspondent in Spain writes 
“AFTER the next General Election, provided the Conservative Party is re-elected, they say that they will abolish the 15 year rule (once you have been non-resident in the UK for 15 years you forfeit the right to vote).  All expats will be eligible to vote for life by registering in their last UK constituency.”
Promises!  Why should we wait till after the next election?
If the Conservatives are re-elected – then OUR (?) Referendum follows. OURS!  Would we be able to vote in OUR referendum as to whether WE remain European Citizens?
WE NEED THE VOTE NOW! Not just a promise in the future.  The Labour Party is silent – The Lib-Dems say the matter will be examined.  Why?
We urge you to write to the MP of your last constituency where you lived in UK and ask for their support. 
Lists can be found at  Regardless of your political persuasion we are stronger together.

Below are some of the possible consequences of leaving the EU:

1  Retired residents living in the EU would have no more health cover and would need expensive full health cover.  Age would prevent some from even getting this.
2  The UK would be able to freeze state pensions as we would be living in a foreign country – the power for this in law already exists.
3  All UK citizens would cease to be European citizens and need new passports.
4  No UK citizen would be protected under EU law concerning freedom of movement, capital and services.  Investments could be affected.
5  Individual states could impose customs tariffs/taxes on goods, services and capital. (France used to impose tax on incoming money)
6  People could not necessarily freely move from the UK as an employee, find work, set up business in an EU country.
7  Any EU state would be free to impose law as it wishes on foreign residents – property, bank accounts, residency.  Extra restrictions on property purchase and sale.
No doubt this list is far from complete but gives an idea of some  of the consequences  of leaving the EU.       
Want to help stop this (?) then write to your MP for support so that we can vote in the NEXT General Election.
Send this to an MP and ask that they put pressure on their leaders to call for a life-time VOTE for all British Citizens NOW.

Brian Cave  -

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