Friday, 11 January 2013

Government reviews and consultations

Richard Bacon, a Tory member of the Commons public accounts committee, yesterday (Thursday 10th January 2013) called on the National Audit Office to investigate if Millions of pounds is being wasted on government reviews and consultations.

The Coalition has opened 984 enquiries – more than one for each day it has been in power – into issues as diverse as ice-cream van chimes, the electronic monitoring of pigs, and include whether street sweepers should require qualifications.

‘The huge scale of these reviews raises questions, and I wouldn’t discourage the National Audit Office from looking at this area,’ said Mr Bacon. ‘On this scale they must have serious financial implications, with hundreds of civil servants being diverted to work on them.

What happened to the Prime Minister's promise to ‘cut through the dither’, and ‘If there is no need for a consultation, don’t have one.’
Whitehall seems to be institutionally predisposed to reviews and consultations, that could be costing tens of millions of pounds.

It is staggering that the Government should spend so much time and money, when the economy and lack of jobs should be their priority!!!

WASTE is what the Government is very good at, because they are able to impose TAXES with little conscience on how it affects the masses. I wouldn't mind betting that if the Prime Minister was asked how much a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs cost he wouldn't have an idea. If a business was run in the same way the Government runs the country, it would not last a day.

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