Wednesday, 16 January 2013


The photo displays the smug Mrs May who has set out to destroy the police. First the unnecessary police commissioners and now targeting police pay. It is often said that we pay our police, not for what they do but what they may have to do. A good example is where unarmed police officers have to face armed criminals, attend accidents where there are badly maimed casualties, deal with vomiting and abusive drunks, and worst of all to protect our whimpering politicians.
In a statement, Mrs May said the reforms were part of a programme to 'modernise police pay and conditions, so that they are fair to both officers and the taxpayer'.

Is it fair to the Police that she can introduce this package, knowing that they have no right to strike action in protest. Would the Transport Minister get away with it if he tried to do the same to Tube Drivers. Of course not!
She added: 'The Government's reform programme is working – crime is falling and public confidence is high.'
What members of the public does Mrs May associate with, to come to this judgment. Certainly, no one who lives in some of the more deprived areas of London. How many of her friends come from East Ham, Ilford, Tooting, Balham, Dagenham etc,  but where, she is happy to send young police officers, for a salary that equates to a fraction of what she probably claims in expenses.
Perhaps Mrs May would like to give up her many protection officers, or perhaps she wouldn't have the courage to leave home alone.

At £19,000, Police recruits will now earn less than newly qualified teachers, who are paid £21,588 - nurses, who get £21,176 outside the capital – .
London Underground driver who gets £45,000 and a trainee manager with MacDonalds, which pays  between £18,500 and £21,500.

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