Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Police Commissioner farce.

Britain's first youth crime commissioner has withdrawn from the role after it emerged she posted a string of offensive comments on Twitter.

Paris Brown, 17, said "I have made the decision to decline the offer of the position of Kent Youth Police and Crime Commissioner,"

"I have made this decision after a great deal of thought and consultation with my family.
"As I made clear over the weekend, I accept that I have made comments on social networking sites which have offended many people. I am really sorry for any offence caused.

In her Tweets she wrote: "Im (sic) either really fun, friendly and inclusive when Im drunk or Im an anti social, racist, sexist, embarrassing a*******. often its the latter."
Other posts seemed to refer to immigrants as "illegals" and gay people as "fags", while others appeared to endorse binge drinking.

Miss Brown made a tearful statement amid a media storm over her comments
"I strongly reiterate that I am not racist or homophobic. I have fallen into the trap of behaving with bravado on social networking sites. I hope this may stand as a learning experience for many other young people."

She added that she felt the "recent media furore" would continue to hamper her ability to perform the job to the level required.

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes said: "It is a very, very sad day."

She said Miss Brown was "an extraordinary young person with exceptional skills and a proven track record with working with young people" who has "turned down the position of a lifetime".
"I was not recruiting an angel," she said. "I was not recruiting a police officer. I was recruiting a young person, warts and all. It is personally sad for Paris and her family.

What exceptional skills has a 17 year old got that is going to make a marked difference to the running of the police force in Kent. This was a total waste of taxpayers money, as is the whole Police Commissioner farce. The money would have been better spent recruiting Police Officers to police our streets.
It seems illogical that a Government whose top priority is supposed to be cutting the deficit, should have spent so much money on a peripheral project almost nobody except Ministers cared a hoot about and created a new level of Bureaucracy with the power to set budgets as well as hire chief constables. Police commissioners will be paid up to £100,000 each, excluding expenses.

Each vote cast for a police commissioner cost the taxpayer £14, making it the most expensive election in British history. The poll, which cost £75 million to administer, saw just 5.34 million people – one in six of the electorate – vote.
Conservatives won 16 of the new positions, Labour won 13 and independents triumphed in 12 areas, bringing the independence of the Police Force in the UK under the control of politicians for the first time since 1839.

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