Tuesday, 30 April 2013

  • Vote Farage, get Labour, PM warns the waverers:
  • Tories say support for UKIP will merely help pro-EU Ed Miliband:
  • Ken Clarke dismissed UKIP as party of ‘clowns’ supported by racists:
  • Ed Miliband fears UKIP could erode Labour's vote in elections: 
  • Tories and Labour have seen their votes taken by Nigel Farage's party:
  • Main parties are concerned live TV debate may give UKIP a surge in support.
These are some of the headline seen recently.

I think everyone in the UK would say that the UK is not in its best condition at the moment.

So-called ‘mainstream’ parties monopolise politics and reject any opinion which threatens their cosy consensus. Democracy in Britain is at its lowest ebb in generations.
Ted Heath signed Britain up to join the European Free Trade organisation, amd everyone thought "What a good idea, that we won't have all that red tape clogging up trade within Europe", but of course, we now know that was the start of the European Republic, with its many restrictive rules.

People throughout Europe of calling out against the European Union, as was evidenced by the vote in Ireland a few years ago. When the vote went against Europe. What was the response? VOTE AGAIN. That is not democracy!

The LibLabConspirators have made a concerted Effort to form a European Republic, and have never given British citizens a voice, but their ''Game'' is up, and the people of Great Britain, have finally realised the deception.

We now have a new political party called UKIP (United Kingdom Independance Party) who speak in clear terms of what they would like to see. They have the courage to talk about Europe, immigration, and are causing a stir in the mainstream parties.
Having seen the danger to their cosy  cosy shuffling of governments between the Socialists and the Conservatives, Dave started to attack UKIP, calling them a party of fruit cakes. Now another old donosaur of the Conservative Party has joined in with a scathing attack on UKIP as a party of ‘clowns’ supported by racists and ‘indignant, angry people’, and dismissed them as merely a protest party.

He epitomises the arrogance of the political class who are convinced they, and they alone, are uniquely equipped to rule.
Ken doesn’t extend courtesy to others who believe Britain’s future would be better outside the European Union. He has nothing but contempt for those who do.

Isn't it strange how the 'Conservatives' don't put half as much effort in to opposing Labour as they do UKIP. There would be no UKIP if the mainstream parties listened to the electorate and acted accordingly.
So what if it is a protest party? How else are we supposed to protest, if not at the ballot box?

Let us examine the ideals of UKIP;
Withdraw from the EU, its treaties and obligations. The party estimates a saving to the UK of £6.4billion in net contributions.
Introduce a flat rate tax at a suggested rate of 25 per cent. Make the first £13,000 of income tax-free, transferable between couples. Combined policy would cost £20billion a year. Also, scrap national insurance contributions for employers (£50billion) and abolish inheritance tax
Increase defence spending by 40 per cent (£16billion) a year plus an additional £4billion a year on military equipment. Cash would go on expanding the Army to 125,000 personnel, doubling the Territorial Army and restoring the Royal Navy to its 2001 strength, with three new aircraft carriers.
New grammar schools would be set up, with proper discipline restored.
Repeal 1998 Human Rights Act and withdraw from European Convention on Human Rights. In future, British courts would not be allowed override or set aside a statute of the UK Parliament on the insistance of some unelected Eurpoean Court.
Immediate five-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement. Fix a future target for net migration
Double the number of prison places, which currently stands at around 88,000. UKIP claims the cost will be around  £2billion. Withdraw from the European Arrest Warrant. Introduce boot camps for young offenders. Abolish the Crown  Prosecution Service, returning to local police prosecutions.
The Tories say there is a £120billion financial black hole in UKIP’s economic plans. The chief criticism of the party is that it has produced a wish list which it has no means of paying for.
That argument equally applies to the Socialists who are calling for the Conservatives to change their policies without explaining where the money is to come from.

Of course a vote for UKIP is a Vote that will mainly concern the Tories, but then they have proved by their policies that they did not want my vote.
Until recently Labour had hoped to capitalise on the rise of UKIP, hoping it would split the centre-right vote and allow them to clinch crucial swing seats.
But recent polls suggest UKIP has taken support from all the main parties. The main three political parties have all seen the threat posed by UKIP increase over the past few years.
Conventional election wisdom among Labour had been that UKIP would only significantly harm the Tories.
But there is growing concern among Labour ranks that the anti-EU party could fatally undermine its support also.
The main parties who have done so much to destroy confidence in our political system, and when they start ganging up to suppress free speech as well, it's time to fight back.
Voting UKIP have given the population the chance to get the government to listen to them, and to take notice of the peoples demands. UKIP are voicing the demands of the population, and if the mainstream parties ignore them, they are in for a surprise.

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