Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just an ordinary guy in the same old home? Are you sure, Nick?

Well we have had the Liberal Party conference, during which Nick Clegg boasted of saying ‘no’ to a raft of Tory policies as he lifted the lid on coalition in-fighting.
Echoing Margaret Thatcher’s famous ‘no, no, no’ speech, he claims to have blocked 16 measures including tax cuts, employment reforms and profit-making schools, but makes no mention to saying no, to deny British expatriates living in Europe, the vote.
Clegg with Senorita Clegg who still
has the right to vote in Spain, whilst
Clegg denies British expatriates the
right to vote in the UK. Hypocracy!!!

He says ‘Sometimes compromise and agreement isn’t possible and you just have to say “no”. 
That is why our country is going downhill fast. At least Lady Thatcher made up her mind – for right of for wrong and stuck to it. Not like the wishy washy Coalition government that we have got at the moment.
He also made a delusional claim for being responsible for the economic recovery, Mr Clegg suggested there would be no growth without him being in power. He then shows his economic acumen by announcing that from next September all children aged under 7 in England will receive free school meals, but the announcement descended into confusion, as ministers contradicted each other over how the £600 million bill will be paid for.

Blair, Cameron, Osbourne and Clegg - don't live in the same world as the ordinary citizen. I'm sure that the only reason Clegg wants to be in coalition again is that he is power crazy.

How can Clegg and his like understand the wants and worries of ordinary people, that's what wrong with politics, they are all wealthy career politicians playing with our lives

The current crop of politicians' are out of touch with real life, and for all those that bang on about the rich Tories, the Socialists are just as wealthy and just as much out of touch.

Clegg is keen to point out, he lives in the same old family home that he lived in before he became Deputy Prime Minister. But valued at £1.5million, it is one, that most of us can only ever dream of.
He makes no mention of having the run of his mother’s £7million, luxury 20-room mountain chalet near the exclusive Swiss resort of Klosters, and his father’s ten-bedroom chateau near Bordeaux, in France,

While Mr Clegg’s £134,565 salary sounds more than comfortable to most mere mortals, it is dwarfed by his Spanish-born wife’s estimated £600,000 a year income as a commercial lawyer at the major US law firm Dechert.
The daughter of a Madrid senator, she is also a director of a Spanish building company.
Mr Clegg himself was raised in luxury in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, going to £19,000-a-year Caldicott prep school and then Westminster School. His maternal grandfather was a friend of the Dutch royal family and his banker father, Nicholas, is the son of a Russian-born baroness.
He currently says ‘I won’t be in politics forever. Matthew Oakeshott will be relieved. Only three or four elections to go,’ As a 46 year old that means he will be retiring at the age of 61 or 66. An age that many of us will be dreaming of, under the government’s plans for retirement.

Although he says he won't be in politics forever he pleads to be in power after 2015 with a claim that he would be a better PM than Cameron or Miliband.
Whilst I am a strong believer that both of these others could do with a good kick up the rear end, Clegg is being delusional when making this assertion. He is Deputy PM by a voting error and certainly not through the choice of the voters.

Clegg has pleaded  for the Lib Dems to continue in power after the 2015 election.
But in a blow to his hopes of clinging on to power a new opinion poll showed just one in ten voters would prefer the next general election to result in another coalition government.
More than two thirds (67 per cent) would prefer to see an outright victory by one party, despite the Liberal Democrat leader warning a clear Tory or Labour win would be the 'absolute worst' outcome for the UK.
It is highly likely that the next election could be a disaster for the Liberal party, and Clegg suggested he could quit politics if he is not returned as Deputy PM. That could swiftly bring his retirement forward and the hypocrisy of us ALL being in it together.
Having tasted his 15 minutes of fame Clegg has made it clear that he was ready to serve in coalition with either Labour or Conservatives.

With 18 months to go it is time the DOG started to wag the TAIL. Cameron must start to push some traditional Conservative policies at the Libs. If they don't agree, let them walk away. They won't do that, they like the power they have in Government.
If there was anyone in Britain has any doubt about the complete Wasters the LibDems are, then this conference of theirs should have removed any doubt.

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