Thursday, 19 September 2013

The political class in general is actually out of touch with the general population.

Britain’s new political elite is an assortment of multi-millionaires who studied at exclusive universities. But down on the streets there is a growing sentiment that those running the country are detached from those they lead.
The latest example of how a few careless words by a millionaire in power triggers anger from the people affected by his governmental decisions comes from Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith. when he claimed in a radio talk show that if he had to, he could live on 53 pounds a week.
Hours later an astonishing 97,000 people signed an online petition on the website calling on Duncan Smith to prove his words. The text challenged him to “live on this budget for at least one year” instead of spending his salary, which is almost 50 times higher.

The coalition of millionaires: 23 of the 29 member of the cabinet are worth more than £1m... and the Lib Dems are just as wealthy as the Tories

David Cameron’s coalition Government may have adopted ‘we are all in it together’ as one of its defining slogans, but his team of Ministers has been drawn almost exclusively from the ranks of the financial elite.

Our three main political leaders are thought to be comfortably off, and beyond the effects of the cut backs in the UK economy.

David Cameron
The PM and his wife both come from wealthy backgrounds and enjoy substantial property assets of their own: their London home has been valued at £2.7million and their constituency house at £1million. Both are in line to inherit fortunes from their parents: the combined wealth of the Camerons’ parents has been put as high as £30million. 

Nick Clegg
Like his coalition partner Cameron, Clegg’s father made millions in the City. While Clegg senior has an impressive international property portfolio worth several million pounds, the Lib Dem leader’s own wealth comes from a £1.5million property in Putney and a constituency house in Sheffield.
The question stands: can the political elite really understand what the cuts mean for ordinary voters?

Ed Miliband inherited a share of a multi-million pound property from his Marxist father.

The Socialists often use the phrase “Cabinet of Millionaires”. Red Ed especially calculates this will harm the government in an era of cuts.

But there are quite a few millionaires around the Shadow Cabinet table. And Ed Miliband and his wealthy counterparts have been dubbed ‘champagne socialists’ 

Millionaress Harriet Harman, privately educated at St Paul’s girls school. After an eighteen year parliamentary career, she is set to get at least a half a million pounds from her pension pot. Along with her husband’s salary and pension, things are looking comfortable with one house in Herne Hill and a country pile in Suffolk
Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper received a joint household income of some £300,000 per year for their five years or so in goverment positions.

There is a problem with the political class in general. It is actually out of touch with the general population. They don’t really understand how a lot of families are suffering now with rising basic costs. I often wish that when being interviewed on the TV or Radio that they are asked to give the current price for a loaf of bread or a pint of milk.

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