Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Whatever’s wrong with socialism.

Miliband said he would 'fix power bills until 2017' if he won next election
But the energy industry warns it will lead to gas and electricity shortages

Centrica’s Sir Roger Carr called the policy ‘a recipe for economic ruin’
Energy firms said capping prices would halt the investment needed to avoid blackouts, and lead to gas and electricity shortages.

Freezing bills, may be superficially attractive, but it will also freeze the money to build and renew power stations, freeze the jobs and livelihoods of the 600,000 plus people employed in the energy industry, and make the prospect of energy shortages a reality, pushing up the prices for everyone.

It seems highly likely that the power companys would increase their charges, before Milliband could enact a bill for his freeze, and then at the end of the two years, would again hike the price to cover their lost profits.

A Miliband administration, we can now be sure, would have appalling consequences for the economy, and undo the limited, hesitant progress of the past few years.
Whatever’s wrong with socialism. Well we have tried that, and look where it got us. We know Ed Miliband’s master plan.  Socialism turned post-war Britain into a bankrupt basket case.
Ed Miliband’s assault on the energy market is the final, depressing confirmation that Labour has returned to its collectivist, anti-capitalist stance.

Industries and Banks that fall out of favour will be hit by almost random hit and grab raids.

The Labour Party’s 20-year attempt at reconciling left-wing politics with the market economy, private business and individual aspiration is now over.

Labour’s approach will buy votes but rob the energy industry of any kind of certainty: why invest to reconstruct the UK’s crumbling infrastructure. 

Will Miliband nationalise the whole industry to ensure the lights stay on?

And once you start with electricity price controls, what next? Transport, petrol, food, clothes, or the Labour favourite – the Banks.

Labour seeks yet more levies on banks, as if they are some sort of magic money tree that can endlessly be tapped, with no consequences on jobs, credit or customers.

Ed Miliband has no understanding of incentives and cannot see that those who work hard, build a business and career or save and invest should be able to reap the fruits of their efforts.

Miliband has lived up to his Red Ed nickname by telling Labour activists he is ‘bringing back socialism’, and set out a socialist agenda, saying that if he won power in 2015 he would: 
·                                 Grab land from owners who fail to build on it;
·                                 Reverse housing benefit cuts;
·                                 Force firms in key sectors to pay employees a higher rate under the minimum wage laws;
·                                 Penalise companies that fail to take on apprentices and trainees
·                                 Stop rural communities objecting to urban sprawl and new towns;
·                                 Fund a business rate freeze for small firms by hitting 80,000 medium and large employers;
·                                 Give 16- and 17-year-olds the vote.
Len McCluskey, the militant leader of Unite, the country’s largest union and Labour’s biggest financial backer, declared: ‘There wasn’t anything you couldn’t like.’ 
And former Labour leader Lord Kinnock, was seen clapping and cheering, and declared Miliband’s vision was ‘brilliant’.
With those two endorsements, we should all be scared.

Unions, through the Socialist party have exercised a stranglehold on production and distribution. In the name of the ‘workers’, wealthy union leaders, living a champagne lifestyle, called strikes at the drop of a hat.
This resulted in swathes of industry closing. We all remember the disputes at British Leyland, Longbridge, the problems with British Steel, the coal miners disputes, and the earlier problems at the Port of London together with the many strikes at Fords at Dagenham. All reigned over by the socialists. All now disappeared, with the loss of thousands of jobs, and the wholesale dependence on social security.

The socialists compensated by nationalising every aspect of our daily lives, through quangos such as the Health and Safety and Equality Commissions and the ‘human rights’ racket. Employment was solved by over hiring in the civil service.
In an attempt to sway voting trends, immigration was encouraged and allowed to go out of control  ‘‘diversity’ is a socialist fronted industry aimed at eradicating the Tories.
Ed Miliband will pledge to build 200,000 homes a year by 2020 as he sets out plans for a new generation of garden cities and new towns, and many will be to house immigrants that have swamped this country, and has caused overloading of our NHS and Education system.

During the Labour Party conference, union boss Len McCluskey warned Labour had ‘no future unless it bowed to the union's’ demands, and declared Labour was now ‘our party’. The cat is out of the bag

Ed Miliband pledged to reverse government's housing benefit cuts, and said it would be funded by scrapping 'tax cuts for hedge funds'
But industry bodies say savers and pensioners will lose £140m-a-year.

Labour's pensions raid to pay for scrapping bedroom tax will 'put people off saving for their retirement'  and will find that all pensioners will live in equal poverty reliant on the State. Ultimately the entire population will live in equal poverty, reliant on the State. Sound familiar?

It amazes me that Labour would ever have the gall to contest a General Election again with the same incompetent idiots who cocked it up last time. They must think we have very short memories.

Miliband is promising to fix the economy, but don’t forget it was the Socialists that put us into this mess during their long term in power, and are asking us to vote them in, to repeat more of the same.
Labour’s answer is a re-run of the tax-and-spend disaster system which got us into this mess in the first place. 

There are now 5.98 million members of TUC-affiliated unions, which is fewer than half the number just 30 years ago.
The TUC blames the fall, on job cuts in the public sector. Of course that is correct, because the last Socialist government hired people to do non jobs in the public sector to massage the employment figures
Trade union ranks soared in the post-war years. By the end of the 1970s - a decade of widespread industrial unrest - more than 12 million workers were paying their subs.
Union membership plummeted during successive Conservative governments and the trend continued under New Labour, albeit at a lower rate.
Since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, membership has declined by more than half a million.
The TUC said that the fall in membership was "a direct result of redundancies particularly in the public sector".

There are 29.17 million people in employment aged 16 and over, and yet the Unions with their 5.98 million members want to dictate to the rest of us through the Socialist party.

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