Saturday, 11 May 2013

Do politicians ever listen to the population they are elected to represent?

Three politicians who are so completely out of touch

Today Ed Miliband will give a speech lambasting the PM for his promise to hold a referendum on Europe, Miliband will also confirm that if elected in 2015, he will NOT be offering the country a referendum as HE thinks we should stay IN. Another politician Telling the electorate what they can and can't have, he will also claim that the rise of UKIP is dictating government policies whilst denying that the UNIONS are dictating his.

So far he has failed to convince the public that he would be a competent Prime Minister who is able to take tough decisions or assure voters that Labour has learned from the mistakes it made last time. Mistakes that he and his sidekick Balls are in complete denial over.

Milliband is and always will be an over opinionated sixth former trying to sound informed and intelligent, when in fact, he probably hasn't quite mastered the art of listening to the public.

Another bad week for Clegg. His party is down to single figures in opinion polls.

Clegg’s party may be in dire trouble, but with weekend use of 3,500-acre, grace-and-favour Chevening in Kent, frequent trips abroad, an ever larger retinue of state-paid aides, and his very own central London stately home, he is leading the life of an opulent aristocrat.
He has the full pomp and circumstance of high office with the chauffeured limos, bodyguards, frequent meetings with the Queen and foreign leaders, and front-row seats for himself and his Spanish wife, at the great social and state occasions. How very, very satisfying, at least for him

Many members of the public question whether our three professional political leaders have ever had the right grounding. None of them have ever held a normal job down, and struggled with day to day living costs.

Further in the case of Milliband and Clegg, whether their backgrounds puts them in the right mind set to represent the UK over our EU masters.

On his father's side of the family, Clegg is related to Kira von Engelhardt, daughter of a Russian baron of German, Polish, and Ukrainian origin,
Clegg's Dutch mother, Hermance van den Wall Bake, was interned, along with her family, by the Japanese military in Batavia (Jakarta) in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) during World War Two.

Clegg is multilingual: he speaks English, French, Dutch, German, and Spanish. He readily admits that his background has formed his politics. He says, "There is simply not a shred of racism in me, as a person whose whole family is formed by flight from persecution, from different people in different generations. It’s what I am. It’s one of the reasons I am a liberal." His Dutch mother instilled in him "a degree of scepticism about the entrenched class configurations in British society".
He is married to  Miriam Gonz├ílez Dur├íntez, a lawyer, and the daughter of a Spanish senator.
He was previously a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

Miliband is the younger son of Polish Jewish immigrants. His mother, Marion Kozak, a human rights campaigner, and early CND member, survived the Holocaust thanks to being protected by Poles. His father, Ralph Miliband, was a Belgian-born Marxist academic of Polish origin who fled with his parents to England during World War II.
Miliband has criticised Cameron for "sacrificing everything on the altar of deficit reduction", taking the normal Socialist route of borrowing and spending again, not having learnt from the excesses of Brown and Balls during the last government.
With their backgrounds how can you possibly expect them to think nothing but British, and in the interests solely of the UK.

Unfortunately the third member of the trio, Cameron, comes from a background, where he has never struggled to put food on the table. He talks glibly about “going out to work to advance yourself”, but when there is no work to be had, he seems to be more interested in promoting gay marriage than to being solely committed to job creation.
Do politicians ever listen to the population they are elected to represent?
It is no wonder that UKIP is so popular, when we have three politicians who are so completely out of touch with the needs and wishes of the population that they swore to represent.

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