Monday, 20 May 2013

Economical truth

Here we go again. Another of Cameron's "friends" denying something he said. It reminds me of the recent "plebgate" affair when it was denied that the word pleb was used to a police woman, but readily admitted that some obnoxious swear words were. Now another member of the "posh boys"  denies claims he described grass root activists as ‘mad, swivel-eyed loons’.

Downing Street has weighed in, saying the Prime Minister accepts  assurances that these comments were not made to journalists. Sound familiar????

Ben Harris-Quinney, director of the organisation Conservative Grassroots, has apparently said there was now a ‘crisis of conservatism’, with the leadership disconnected from the party on issues like gay marriage and Europe. And that certainly seems to be true, when Cameron on one hand says there is insufficient parliamentary time to debate Europe, but finds sufficient time to debate gay marriage. One subject affecting millions and the other a very small minority.

Clegg will also tell an audience today that the Coalition has presided over a fall in crime to the lowest levels since records began, producing a ‘more liberal, more  tolerant and less violent society’.

Clegg, that is a lie! If you produced un-doctored figures, the truth would be different. Instead of showing mobile phones as lost when they are in fact stolen, produces false figures. Not recording criminal damage under a certain value (£30 ?) massages the figures. Writing up an assault as no crime if the victim does not cooperate, makes it no less a crime. Old ladies who have their purses stolen from their bags on market days in some of our towns, invariable have their crime downgraded to property lost.

He will say: ‘This continuing fall in crime is one of the biggest untold success stories of this Coalition.
‘Lots of people predicted that in tough economic conditions, crime would go up, as it has done in the past. But it hasn’t and we should be proud of that fact.
If that is correct, why do you still have police protection, instead of returning those men to front line policing. If you are so confident, I wonder if you would walk alone through your local town at night, when the pubs and discos turn out.

Your problem and the problem of nearly all current politicians is that you are insulated from the world, and don't listen when your electorate speak to you.

All the mainstream parties are the same, politically correct liberals. The Conservatives have said that it's just a protest, to vote for UKIP, and will never amount to anything more. At least they realise that the population are protesting and hopefully UKIP will give the other parties a good kick up the rear end. It's about time that the mainstream parties realised that their gravy train is hitting the buffers.

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