Sunday, 12 May 2013

Politicians lack honesty and integrity 

Senior Liberal Democrats have said that the referendum row was ‘tearing the Coalition apart’ and could result in an early General Election.

Former Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell claimed that it was ‘madness’ to consider quitting the EU.

Miliband has ruled out a referendum and accused the Tories of plunging the country into years of uncertainty over EU membership.

There is absolutely no reason why a simple in/out EU referendum cannot be held this year. The only reason Cameron is against doing so, is he knows the answer he would get from the voters, OUT!

At the moment it is not possible to hold a referendum if it hasn't been approved by Parliament. Despite an overall majority of the British population calling for a referendum, support for a bill to hold a referendum would undoubtedly fail, due to Lib/Lab and Tory cowards all being in favour of Europe.
They must know by now that the writing is on the wall for the EU, it seems to me the only option is to keep voting UKIP at every opportunity.

Next year's European election result in this country with sweeping UKIP victories may well finally focus the Tories' attention, but I doubt it. We can no longer trust any of the parties in Parliament today, they have proved time and again that they lack honesty and integrity, and cannot be trusted to represent the people.

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