Thursday, 23 May 2013


After the horrific incident in Woolwich yesterday, there is one question that needs to be addressed, why did it take armed Police such a long time to respond to such a serious incident? The Home Secretary is insistent that there have been no cut backs in front line policing, well I'm sorry but if it takes 14 minutes in our capital city to get appropriately qualified policemen to the scene of  such an incident, then something is not correct. Mrs May, together with other politicians, have teams of armed police officers protecting them. Perhaps they would like to give them up, so that they could return to protecting our streets. No I thought not, they are too cowardly to go without them.

New recruits now earn 19k a year, less then they earned 20 years ago' no benefits apart from abuse, constantly attacked by this government. vilified by the press, and enquired into by the judiciary in the cold light of day, and with hindsight as their witness.
When armed officers have shot in the past, look at how they are treated. Suspended, court case, and named and shamed by the press. who wants a job like that.
It is clear, that yesterdays incident was a deliberate, unprovoked and pre-meditated murder and  terrorist activity. But, no doubt the politicians, and the judiciary, will fail us once again. A leading expert on Islam appeared on Sky News saying that we were all too quick to blame it on terrorism, and it could prove a problem for the Islamists in the UK. Well I'm sorry, but since the end of the Irish bombings, when we all accused the Irish, nearly every terrorist incident since has involved Islam.
It has emerged that at least one of these terrorists was born in the UK, but we give sanctuary to people who hate us, hate our way of life,and hate our country, and when it comes time to remove them back to their country of origin, our judiciary fail us. It is time to kick out all these preachers of hate. Successive governments have failed us, and now that UKIP is speaking some sort of truth on this matter, all three major political parties are running scared that it might cut into their gravy train.

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