Monday, 27 May 2013

Holiday Time

I will be the first to critisize politicians but the PM is also human and has a family. He is being heavily critisized by the press for going on a three day holiday to re charge his batteries after the horrific murder of one of our soldiers in Woolwich.

The question is could he personally do any more at the moment to progress the police enquiry, and the answer has got to be no. The Home Secretary remains in the country, and it is her department that is the lead department of government for this event. Although I am critical of May in her role as Home Secretary, she is for the moment a background figure as far as the enquiry is concerned.

Perhaps the sole critisism of Cameron after Wednesday's awful events, is that he could have visited Woolwich to at least shown his respects, but then you would need to ask, would he then be required to visit Afghanastan for every soldier killed whilst serving the country.

Even prime ministers deserve a holiday now and then, especially when they have a young family.

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