Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Waste of Parliamentary time

Cameron said he was 'proud' to have backed same-sex weddings, revealing his hope that young boys at school today who think they might be gay and are being bullied will 'stand a bit taller'
Is his experience limited to gay boys at Eton. How many gay boys are in this situation compared to the number of people out of work.
Backs to the wall at Eton

Parliament has debated this matter now over several days when they could have been debating jobs and the economy. So many other urgent issues  need to be addressed. WE HAVE A HOUSING CRISIS!!!! PEOPLE ARE RELYING ON FOOD BANKS!!!! People can't afford to pay their rent and utility bills, and there is not a hope in hell of realistically buying a home for someone on the average wage let alone the minimum.

He should start to understand is that he has been a total disaster for the Tories.

"Most of them haven’t even worked in a bank! They went straight into politics. The consequences are that they don’t perceive much of what’s going on in the rest of the world. They ****** things up."
What Lord Tebbit thinks of David Cameron's Cabinet

Gay weddings was not on your manifesto, nor extension building without planning permission. You now offer mortgages at new rates that when examined seems to be the same system that caused the start of the credit crisis in the USA. Now you have the audacity to moan at your party MP,s who seek a referendum on membership of the EU. This was something you promised, that if you were elected you would do something about. Now you are whining, saying shut up about the EU with a promise to hold a referendum in the far distant future when you know you will never be in power.
Is there any wonder that people are flocking to support UKIP.

Just in case his advisers have got their heads buried in the sand these are the things that people in the UK are interested in;
  1. Jobs
  2. The Economy
  3. Our NHS struggling to cope
  4. Immigration and our open borders
  5. A referendum on in/out of the EU
They are not interested in;
  1. Gay marriage

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